Wouldn'’t it be wonderful if:

The justice system met the needs of victims i.e. they were given the opportunity to
speak their feelings, to receive restitution, to experience justice;

Victims could eventually let go of the crime experience so that it ceases to dominate
their lives;

Victims are re-empowered to move from victim to survivor?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if:

The community at large did not believe that more police, longer sentences, harsher
treatment of prisoners, even capital punishment will deter criminals from a life of crime.

The community understood the advantage of a restorative justice system for healing the
harm done to the victim and the community.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if:

The safety of people in prison could be guaranteed;

Offenders understood and took responsibility for the harm they have done.

Offenders righted the wrong?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if:

Every child grew up in a loving, supportive environment;

The community took responsibility for poverty and unemployment?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if:

Duane A Vachon PhD works at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific. His column Heroes Of
The Pacific appears weekly in the Hawaii Reporter. He is the author of "Gems From The Antipodes: 12
Collections of Faith-Focusing Insights" now available from AuthorHouse.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble.
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